Our company has had 25 years of experience in transport and trade in live animals in Poland and Europe. A brand of Europe’s Livestock is a result of consistently and consequently implemented trading strategies aimed at strengthening global market position and finding new markets. The absolute priority of our business is to supply meat processing plants, agricultural producers and breeders throughout Europe and Asia with the best animals Europe can offer.

We specialize in providing comprehensive service to customers interested in buying pork and bovine animals intended for slaughter or further breeding. We can offer contamination-free, genetically unmodified and inactive dry fodder yeasts cultured from the species of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is a perfect alternative for breeders because it not only contains a high level of protein and vitamins but is also helpful as the usage of meat meal is not allowed in feed production.

Our modern vehicles travel hundreds of kilometres on roads all over Europe every day. Experienced and skilled drivers pay special attention to ensure the welfare of transported animals. We provide specialized transport services bringing almost all kinds of animals in the most humane manner possible. We do our best to minimise animal stress related to loading, unloading and transport.

We can guarantee trust and references of our suppliers and customers, and competitive prices with the possibility of negotiation.

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